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Bitcoin UP

The Official Bitcoin UP App

Trade the upside of the Bitcoin with Bitcoin UP. Bitcoin UP is a software made to trade the cryptocurrency market.

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Bitcoin Upside

On 2011 the Bitcoin was worth 1$, since then the price of the bitcoin is getting up. In less than 10 years the price went up by 20000 times it's value. In the whole financial history nothing went up so fast in a so short period of time.

Bitcoin Up & Down

Bitcoin as every stocks or currencies has it's momentum, sometimes the price will go down for a short period and then will go up again. Overall the bitcoin price went up since it has been created.

Bitcoin Popularity

Every day new people are entering the crypto currency world by buying bitcoin for the first time. The Bitcoin is gaining popularity and the amount of bitcoin addresses in the world keeps going up.

How to start with Bitcoin UP?

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2. Add Money

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3. Start Trading

BUY or SELL the cryptocurrency you wish to trade. (or use the AUTO-TRADING mode)

The Upside of Bitcoin

This chart shows how bitcoin has a considerable upside compare to Gold and paper money. The Bitcoin became more popular than gold. There is surely more people possessing bitcoin than gold...

Bitcoin Up

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The use of Bitcoin UP is free of charge.
Bitcoin UP is available on all devices.
There is no limit for the price of the Bitcoin.
To start with Bitcoin UP, you need to create an account and login to the Bitcoin UP software.